Seattle’s Finest

I am pretty sure you think I am referring to Coffee! Not even close. My husband told me I needed to reach out and expand the scope of my blogs and talk about a few things guys and a lot of gals would like other than wall-color and texture. So here goes.

Chuck Hop Shop

¬†Chuck’s Hop Shop is the most mind-boggling “Thirst and Burst” concept I have event seen. Picture a community center for kids, dogs, moms, and pops, where Beer is king and good ole’ family togetherness is just as important.

Chuck Hot Spot

The creation of Chuck Shin, the Hop Shop rotates approximately 150 of the world’s best brews by bottle, and over 50 of those on tap.

Other than the world’s best hops, Chuck has a regular rotation of Seattle’s who’s who of food trucks always there to fill your belly when the beer just can’t quite do the job (which is impossible).

Chuck's Food and Treats

Seattle Food

Chuck's in Seattle

Spicy Papaya Food Truck in Seattle

I know you are wondering how the kids can feel at home at a bar?? Well, they have there own Kid’s Zone where they giant chalk boards entertain them and a scoop of the best ice cream in Seattle is just a cone away. This all there ¬†while the serious Hoppers are sitting at the bar staring at the current list of brews as if it were the stock ticker at the NYSE.

This guy Chuck has got it going. This is not a new establishment. It started in 2010 but continues to be all the rave. Located in Greenwood and the Central District, please don’t miss Chuck’s Hop Spot, even if you do not like beer. The only negative…’s too popular.

xoxo Diane