Scouting for Beach House dining furniture

So much time has passed since I’ve written a blog.  You might be wondering what the heck is wrong with her?  I must admit that our lives have been crazier than ever between living in two places, renovating projects, and some physical challenges. Time has flown by quicker than I’d like.

While some people find writing a blog cathartic, I prefer sharing visuals without many words.  This may be because writing is not my strong point!  Soooooo, in rethinking the blog, I decided that I would simply share mostly pictures that inspire me and tiny bit of writing.   Here we go…



I’ve been at the beach for the last couple of months and scouting around for dining furniture.  While I have found many tables I like, I still have yet to find one that I like in the RIGHT size.  Always happens!   I’m looking for a clean lined table that still has a bit of organic feel.  I’m exhausting my options before I dive into the CUSTOM MADE table.  For the dining chairs there are so many options.   I love chairs.  I’m pretty obsessed with chairs in a variety of styles.

I love this Lakin table, but its way too long for our space


There are so many great dining chairs to consider. Mid-century, danish, bentwood and the list goes on.

It’s fun to use outdoor furniture for the interiors, so don’t overlook patio furniture for a beach home.

Consider keeping things interesting too by mixing styles for the end chairs and side chairs.

Which chairs do you like the best?  If you have other favorites let me know.  I’m always scouting.