New Project Nashville Historic Home

I am soooo excited about the new project we have been working on for the past several months and am sharing some of the details below.

This is an interesting one for us since it is completely different than any of the other homes we have worked on.  For starters, it is in a different state and secondly it is a historic home (113 YEARS  to be exact) besides being on the Historic Register.  That is a game changer right there!


Historic Home Decorating Project


Historic Places

Located in a “small town” minutes from downtown Nashville, this home is in the historic district just blocks from Main Street.  Being on the Historic Register makes approvals and permits a bit more tricky, but we were up for the challenge of renovating while staying inside the footprint of this quirky old home.  When you decide you are going to take on a Historic Home you need to find yourself a great contractor who specializes in historic renovation.  They have to love the house like you do.  We were lucky to find such a gem.

Our contractor is a passionate builder who holds his integrity and quality craftsmanship in high esteem.  He is as passionate about the details and “getting it right” as I am.


New Decorating of Historic Homes

The original Entry Hall- a dealmaker


Decorating Project In Nashville Home

 Former Dining and Living Room

These older homes have small rooms but soaring ceilings and beautiful wood floors.  Bathrooms are small and quirky and closet space is virtually non-existent.  However, beware,  these homes are hard to resist because they exude so much charm and character.


Newly Remodeled Bathroom in Nashville

Can you believe this is the Master Bath????


Of course, what starts out as a small remodel morphs into a total house redo.  To sum up this project: Gutting the kitchen, creating a powder room, gutting the guest bath, creating a master bath from another bedroom, moving the laundry room, moving the upstairs bath and creating a new one, creating a upstairs hallway, and removing the HUGE CARPORT in back and building Carriage house (garage/studio/guest room).  Things are moving along and I will be checking in on the project in a couple of weeks.


Nashville Historic Home Patio

In the meantime, when we visit this project we will be hanging out on the porch in the swing while drinking our mint juleps.