In my recent post I wrote about the Nashville Project we are working on and wanted to give you a few pictures of the demo and frame up process.  As I mentioned before, working on an Historic House we have to stay within the footprint of the house.   At least we were allowed to take down the giant carport that seemed to engulf the entire yard.  The small back porch and pergola will be just fine until further outdoor dining/entertaining area can be added.


Historic Home Remodel

Original Carport



Nashville Remodel Project


Carport down and doors and windows in demo mode

Historic Home Kitchen Remodel

While the kitchen had been remodeled by the previous owners, the quirky walls and layout

made it a horrendous floor plan to cook in.  The range is 25 feet away from the sink.  Not even the

occasional chef would like this layout.  So for the future owners…

Nashville Historic Home Remodel

Kitchen is being demoed

Nashville Historic Home Remodel

Bathrooms have been demoed and a new powder room is being framed up where there once was a tiny closet.

The upstairs kids bath is being moved across the hall and the master bath is getting framed up in what was once a bedroom.

Nashville Historic Home Remodel

While in the demo process we found many old wallpapers underneath the layers of walls

Nashville Historic Home Remodel

Nashville Historic Bathroom Remodel

Upstairs original bath- moving  that baby across the hall

Nashville Historic Bathroom Remodel

Nashville Historic Bathroom Remodel

Master bath- framing up the commode area

This is just the beginning the process.  Hopefully as we go along you will be inspired to renovate your house or even a

Historic home.