About Us



I’m Diane, a designer of interiors and fashion.  This is my blog and place to share my ideas and inspiration of all things about the home,and well…bits of travel and fashion.  I’m excited to now have this blog as a place to collect my favorites.  Thanks for stopping in and I hope you find some inspiration and something you love in our new Humble Pedigree store.

At Humble Pedigree we believe that community begins in the home. We are a design studio that is passionate about hospitality and creating relaxed and welcoming environments. Using that as our inspiration, we have blended our background in fashion and global travel into an understated style of home decor.

With strong attention to detail and craftsmanship, we bring unique and unexpected finds to our customers. Although we scour the globe, we are deeply committed to supporting our local artisans.  Whether Antique, Vintage, or Modern, our home decor reflects a juxtaposition of honoring the old, and creating the new. Humble Pedigree’s understated aesthetic results in a casual elegance where you delight in gathering friends and family. 



Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to serve you,

Diane Stark

Design Director